In a catastrophe, as a surging multitude of photographs engulfs the papier mâché castle and tower of photography,

we have started to build a little boat. The tiny ark, FOTO ARC, eventually pulls out, drifting in the endless muddy waters, open to anyone regardless of genre.

September 2021

Kousuke Kakugawa

Yohei Owada

Kenji Ishiguro


Our vision

FOTOARC will launch in autumn 2021 in Japan as a photo magazine, the only one of its kind in Japan. FOTOARC is the only photo magazine in Japan with three main members: Kousuke Kakugawa (photographer), Yohei Owada (critic) and Kenji Ishiguro (photographer). Through FOTOARC we want to connect with a wide range of artists from all genres and build a new vision. If you are interested in our activities, please contact us.